Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crocheted Cupcakes with Swirly Frosting

I was finally able to finish writing the pattern for my second design of crocheted cupcakes. Here are some pics:

Amigurumi cupcakes without frosting

With frosting

With sprinkles

I had fun crocheting them; sewing on small beads was surprisingly enjoyable too - I thought it would be difficult for me since the beads are so tiny, but I found it quite simple. The pattern is now available in my etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

They looks sooo sweet! I'm hungry!!! ;-)

littlebigprojects said...

^ Thanks so much! :)

ReVaWa said...

Can you give a pattern that you don't have to pay for?? I am an almost expert at crocheting and usually I can look at something and figure it out. I am 14 and I really wanna make those cupcakes. Thanks Bye.

Yume no Kareta said...

I really want to buy this pattern, but I don't see it in your Etsy shop. Did you stop selling it? :(