Sunday, November 9, 2008

Granny Squares

It's that time of the year again and I am starting to crochet gift items. These are a pair of granny squares...I am making a hat for my friend. The pattern is from "Simply Creative Crochet" (Premier Issue 2003 - Better Homes and Gardens). There are many projects in the magazine that crocheters will love, like pullovers, a couple of toys, bags, scarf, skirt, hats, etc.

Pattern from Simply Creative Crochet Magazine 2003 Issue

When I finish the hat, I will post a photo. I really like hat patterns. I think my favorite to crochet are hats, and I am lucky to have a friend who loves hats.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dolls in Costume

Last week, I received a special order for 2 dolls.

Doll in Hippo Suit and Doll in Panda Suit

The doll in panda costume is easy for me to make because I just followed my pattern. The doll in hippo suit is something that's been on my list of things to do, and because of the request, I had to come up with a pattern.

I hope the lady will like these dolls! After I took the photo, I had to pack them in a box...I didn't have the chance to enjoy looking at the dolls in person. A few days after I mailed these dolls, I found myself looking at their photos more and more in my computer :) I think I miss these dolls! But I ran out of stuffing and couldn't make any doll until I get new stuffing again.

I also think I got lucky with the photo...usually it takes me several tries to find one that I like. This one took me only 3-4 tries. I will post more photos as soon as I make another as a model for my pattern. I will also make a "hippo friend" to go with the doll in hippo suit, just like my other dolls in costume patterns :) I am thinking of adding shoes to the pattern version of the doll in hippo suit, or just leave them like that, like babies in suits...perhaps I'd try one with shoes.

Thank you for viewing!

Friday, October 17, 2008

More Crocheted Taffy Apples

Amigurumi Taffy Apples
Pattern available

Something to crochet for halloween, or use as a fancy pin cushion.
I enjoyed putting the decorations, especially the "loopy cereals."
I wanted to use a real stick, but I thought if a child would like to play with these, he or she might get poked in the eye, so I just designed it with a crocheted "stick."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Caramel Apples in Crochet

Here are candy apples I made.
These are crocheted so there's no sugar :)

Amigurumi Taffy Apples

The crochet pattern is available here. This was a result of a pattern request by a lady on etsy last year. Thank you for looking!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Box of Mice Dolls with Flowers

Several months ago I made a decision to offer dolls in my etsy store. Unfortunately I had become busy with other things. There are also some patterns waiting to be finished, with parts here and there that I haven't figured out yet, but after I finally finished my cupcake pattern (previous post), I just had to make dolls. By the end of September, I made a list of dolls to make and put in my etsy shop in time for the holidays.

More Amigurumi Mice Dolls with Flowers

Among the dolls I planned to crochet are these mice dolls . These are easy for me to make, and in the past I got asked if I also sell the finished dolls too and not just the pattern, so I put these in my list of things to crochet. The very next day, I received an order for all 10 dolls - one person's house is about to be infested with cute little mice dolls! Now I must make dolls for my shop, but must rest my fingers for a while :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crocheted Cupcakes with Swirly Frosting

I was finally able to finish writing the pattern for my second design of crocheted cupcakes. Here are some pics:

Amigurumi cupcakes without frosting

With frosting

With sprinkles

I had fun crocheting them; sewing on small beads was surprisingly enjoyable too - I thought it would be difficult for me since the beads are so tiny, but I found it quite simple. The pattern is now available in my etsy shop.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Amigurumi Mice Doll with Flowers

Here is a pair of crocheted dolls I shipped this week :)

Pattern is available here

Last week, I shipped some crocheted fish bones, so I am really thankful for these orders.

I have fixed my cupcake crochet pattern (not the one below but the one I've been working on since last year), it is almost ready, I am just having doubts with the hook I used so first I'll have it verified then if the result is good, I will list the cupcake pattern on Etsy.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Amigurumi Cupcake Plush

Here is a big cupcake plush I made a few weeks ago.
This was requested by a lady in England.

Big Cupcake Plush

As I was making this, I was also trying to write the pattern, but further into the work, as I see it becoming more and more like a cupcake, I got excited and set my notebook and pencil aside and just kept crocheting. So there is no pattern available for this plush :(

Last year, I wrote a cupcake pattern. I'm done typing it, now I'm wondering why I haven't finalized it.

Thank you for viewing :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Amigurumi Cats

Here is another set of crocheted cats I've finished.
These just went out to Europe and I hope they will arrive safe :)

The crochet pattern for this "Alley Cats" set is available here.
The pattern includes the cats, the garbage cans & the fish bones.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cross-stitch: Snoopy and Friends

I'm happy to find this photo in my computer. It was taken many years ago, after I have finished and washed this cross-stitch project.

I learned cross-stitch in high school and it came to a point when I would spend my free time cross-stitching, and my extra money on patterns and DMC floss. I remember summer vacations by the cross-stitch projects I finished.

I have a small collection of Snoopy books and I still reread them from time to time :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Handmade Popsicle

I've been wanting to crochet a scarf using the yarn I received from a swap last April, but over the weeks I had one custom request after another (with materials ranging from thread to yarn to clay to wire & beads). I am behind creating items to sell in my other store, behind writing in this blog. Anyway, here is another of my finished mini charm made early this month.

Handmade Mini Popsicle

All parts big and small were made without the use of molds,
as in the others I posted here :)

Amigurumi Alley Cats

The crochet pattern can be found here

These arrived in Germany safely, how happy I was when I learned of it. I was worried that the box of cats would get lost in the mail.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Handmade Mushroom

Here is a mini mushroom charm I made :)
When I started claying, I wanted to make something like this but I never got around to doing it. Just recently I received a request to make one, and here is the result :)

Handmade Mushroom Charm

Monday, May 19, 2008

Snail Mail Day: A Package from England

Today is a special day - I am now a proud owner of
Pink-Petal-Designs items! I received Sarah's swap gift in the mail and am so happy :) Even the wrapping is so pretty! Thank you very much!!! Sarah is so talented! Her items are so well-made, it is obvious that they are made with lots of care and patience :) And to share them with me - thank you very, very much!

These are the lovely handmade items she sent me:

Small notebook with cover

A pair of cute flower hair clips

Pencil roll with colored pencils!

A doorstop

Passport Cover

Flower pin

A placemat

2 balls of lovely and soft yarn

I am so happy, I've never received presents these much ever! I am alone in our home right now, nobody is here with me to share the joy. Now I have a small notebook to carry with me to maybe draw or jot down ideas whenever I'm away from home. And the pencil roll is a wonderful idea, thank you for the pencils! :)

Thank you very much, Sarah! To see more lovely stuff, please visit

Friday, May 2, 2008

Thank you for visiting :)

Hello & thank you for visiting!

I am new to blogging and am still figuring out the site but thank you for dropping by - welcome to my simple site :)

This started with a swap and perhaps I'd get to write about other swaps too in the future :) I will be posting my craft projects here, and also things I like.

Thank you and have a nice day :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Package to Europe

I am finished with my stuff for Sarah (a very talented lady who makes a variety of handmade goods). I hope she will like these stuff I have prepared for our swap :)

My swap will be delivered by this little flower-loving mouse :)

How "little" is she? I don't know! :)
But we can all tell that she wants to go to England.

I made her using my pattern & cotton thread

Of course, she cannot go on her own.
She will be accompanied by her mother.

Should they go hungry in transit, they have these with them.

Here they all are:

I have turned the little one into a cell phone charm.
I attached a small pink bell.

I will mail them today and I hope they will arrive safe :)