Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Box of Mice Dolls with Flowers

Several months ago I made a decision to offer dolls in my etsy store. Unfortunately I had become busy with other things. There are also some patterns waiting to be finished, with parts here and there that I haven't figured out yet, but after I finally finished my cupcake pattern (previous post), I just had to make dolls. By the end of September, I made a list of dolls to make and put in my etsy shop in time for the holidays.

More Amigurumi Mice Dolls with Flowers

Among the dolls I planned to crochet are these mice dolls . These are easy for me to make, and in the past I got asked if I also sell the finished dolls too and not just the pattern, so I put these in my list of things to crochet. The very next day, I received an order for all 10 dolls - one person's house is about to be infested with cute little mice dolls! Now I must make dolls for my shop, but must rest my fingers for a while :)

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